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Posted by animefanartmaker on September 24, 2009 at 6:58 AM Comments comments (3)

Hello my name is Kari Akushi, i am from a bunch of places and non of the arts on this site are for sale, im sorry but if you want me to make you a picture i could but it depends, i am from Okinawa but i was born somewhere else not telling where, i have many people in my life i dont like and i do like, i read,draw,eat,sleep, and breath Anime, i am 20 years old gonna be 21 on December 21st yay.. so yea my youtube users are:





Hello, my name is Chrisy and i want to welcome all of you to my site, here is some of the art me and my cousin have done she loves Anime as much as i do, but we can both paint and draw at the same greatness.. so yea

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